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🦷🦷Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray, Eliminates Bad Breath and Oral Ulcers, Targets Tartar and Plaque, Comprehensive Care

🦷🦷Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray, Eliminates Bad Breath and Oral Ulcers, Targets Tartar and Plaque, Comprehensive Care

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Mouth Problems in Pets, Solved Here!

Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray provides a comprehensive oral care experience for your beloved pet. It effectively whitens yellowed teeth, removes plaque, dissolves tartar, and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. Say goodbye to bad breath, alleviate tooth sensitivity, and reduce gum bleeding. It addresses tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding, promotes gum healing, and prevents gum recession. For example:

Recommended by MD

As a pet dentist, I can assist you with your pet's dental health issues,
 including tartar, infections, stains, and more. I recommend using Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray. It contains a variety of herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds that help dissolve stubborn tartar, remove it, and prevent infections.

Here you can find some feedback from our consumers:

I've tried countless methods to brush my dog's teeth, mainly because veterinary dental cleanings are very expensive, and no matter what I've attempted, she refused to let me do it. She clenches her jaw tightly. The tartar that has accumulated over the years looks really awful. And her breath is very bad. Since I started using Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray, she no longer refuses because she likes the taste. After a few days of use, the tartar is completely gone, and her teeth look much cleaner. And her breath is fresh. I really highly recommend this product.

"My dog particularly enjoys Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray because it has a fresh taste and is very easy to use. It is gentle and doesn't harm the teeth and gums, but it's also highly effective at removing tartar and other deposits."

"I noticed discomfort in my dog's mouth. His gums were red and seemed inflamed, and there was tartar on his teeth. I suspected that the tartar was causing gum inflammation, and my friend recommended this spray to me. After the treatment, he no longer experienced oral pain, and his breath became fresher. Pet oral health is crucial, and I'm glad my dog received the help he needed to maintain it."

"Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray is designed to address oral issues in a safe and gentle manner. This pet oral spray is incredibly easy to use. You can apply it directly to your pet's teeth or use it alongside other oral care products or toothpaste. It effortlessly and evenly distributes across the teeth, reaching even the hard-to-access areas where tartar tends to form. This simple step can help you maintain your pet's oral health, keeping their teeth clean and fresh."

Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray It can kill 98.99% of oral bacteria. Works at enzyme level, quickly eliminates bad breath, removes plaque and tartar, heals gum inflammation and periodontitis. 100% natural safe ingredients, swallowable. And Vohc certified.Rest assured it contains no toxic grain alcohol or pesticides, but has a taste pets love.

What does Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray do for my pet's teeth?

Whiter teeth

Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray helps remove plaque, tartar, bacteria, and more, making teeth completely white within one week, regardless of whether they were originally yellow or black.

Eliminate bad breath

Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray 
helps eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque, tonsil stones, and tooth decay, effectively eradicating bad breath.

Eliminate calculus

Tartar is calcified dental plaque that can lead to gum inflammation, resulting in bone loss, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, and more.
Cvreoz® Pet Oral Dental Care Spray helps eliminate dental plaque and remove stubborn tartar from your pet's teeth, leaving them white and healthy once again.

That's why we created Cvreoz®. Key solutions for oral problems


EnzymesThe role of enzymes in cleaning teeth is to help break down the dirt and food remnants on the surface of the teeth. They can help improve breath, reduce the risk of bacterial erosion and cavities in the teeth, and contribute to maintaining good dental health.

Galla japonica: it can inhibit the residual anaerobic bacteria in the root canal, significantly inhibit enterococcus faecalis and its adhesion ability, inhibit the activity of early Candida albicans biofilm, and can also block the dentin tubules and reduce the possibility of infection invading the root canal. It can treat caries very well and help teeth recover.

Triphala: With antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and free radical scavenging properties, it can kill streptococcus mutans and inhibit the formation of streptococcus mutans biofilm, so it can effectively remove tooth plaque and effectively protect gingival tissue cells from damage by free radicals.

German chamomile: it works excellently for sensitive skin because it can calm broken capillaries for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. So it’s great for relieving bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

Propolis: helps the teeth to resist oxidation, resist the erosion of bacteria and fungi, and the bioactive flavonoids it contains can stimulate the formation of reparative dentin and relieve pulp inflammation. It could effectively stimulate tooth regeneration.

Menthol: helps to relieve pain, prevent the growth of bacteria, inhibit inflammation, relax muscles, and can relieve tooth pain and tooth sensitivity very well.

 These are the results from some pet owners

"Tartar removal for my dog was a thorough and important experience. I decided to try this spray after noticing a buildup of tartar on my dog's teeth. The product was easy to use, simply requiring me to spray it on my dog's teeth once a day.After a few weeks of using the product, I noticed a significant reduction in tartar buildup on my dog's teeth. My dog also seemed to enjoy the taste of the product, which was a bonus.I was pleased with the results of using this tartar removal product and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners looking for a convenient and effective solution for maintaining their dog's dental health. "

 “After using a product to remove tartar from my cat's teeth, I noticed a significant improvement in his oral health. The product was easy to use, and I simply spray a few pumps to my cat's teeth every day.I was impressed with the effectiveness of the product, and my cat didn't seem to mind the taste at all. He happily drank his water each day, and I was happy to see that he was getting the dental care he needed without having to undergo any invasive procedures”


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